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Lace Kimono

 photo 8b4ed2bd-26f5-4fe2-adde-ae88e67670c7.jpg
 photo eed68416-5347-470e-9a83-5dc3c45be9a0.jpg
 photo 6cfdb3c3-fe6c-42fe-bbdd-fe1b8afe8623.jpg
 photo 814cdf5c-8150-4912-b95a-ea766d793d7d.jpg
 photo 34419dcd-faaa-411a-8a2f-e75fb42fad4b.jpg

Lace Kimono and Tank Top – Primark
Skirt – Vintage (Flea Market)
Shoes – Zara
Clutch, Watch, Bracelets – Parfois
Cross Bracelet – Ourivesaria Fernandes (a gift from Tiago)

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