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 photo 0ea6bc90-50ca-4773-bdbe-6428d4a4ec87.jpg
 photo d09548ea-482f-45ff-9fbf-d5ab9d344627.jpg
 photo 38249f73-686e-4126-99ba-af313bd0f7fc.jpg
 photo 16b41bd3-a465-45cf-9cd1-ee7e2b104112.jpg
 photo 8a451086-324f-4e4b-a956-5f1f083318de.jpg
 photo 238ac2a6-78e7-47c3-a92a-18391dd88b26.jpg
 photo dd30f6be-5fde-45bc-8a0e-21dce967044d.jpg
 photo d76f6feb-54a4-4370-b090-545725235a26.jpg

pants and jacket – h&m trend
tee – zara
necklace – parfois
watch – elRockstar
shoes – bershka
eyeshadow – beauty uk
lipstick – rimmel apocalips luna

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