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 photo fd2b37a5-f194-4725-88f2-79ef2525cf0c.jpg
 photo 77d0b41f-805d-443e-b7c4-93210dc83a71.jpg
 photo fd45c7b0-5a90-4745-b237-d7a0a904652e.jpg
 photo 9d07bba4-bd73-4039-a96a-168cda996f18.jpg
 photo 5d5f6b64-4843-436d-9890-4c7238048501.jpg
 photo dcf22d1c-b1d2-42b5-8c59-64ee0577c565.jpg
 photo d6c5b39e-26b7-494a-a888-aa5ed991e4ea.jpg
 photo 71ca5021-a0bd-477e-88ab-699ea1766595.jpg
 photo adba8d4b-11b6-40f0-837f-b5ceb623d704.jpg
 photo 24d646aa-e7bf-4ced-b887-386a2b1ef862.jpg
 photo 27aafbc1-c897-4e4c-a98d-1e2d5c6c53d0.jpg

Sempre adorei contrastes, especialmente os criados através de elementos masculinos e femininos. O que acham desta tendência já preconizada por Céline, Dries Van Noten e Stella McCartney, entre outros?

I’ve always been a fan of contrasts, especially when it means combining masculine and feminine elements. How do you see this trend which we’ve seen already at Céline, Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney among others?

Trousers – H&M Trend
Blouse, Shoes, Bag – Zara
Earcuff – Topshop

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