Burgundy Jumpsuit · faux fur vest · HM Trend · Jumpsuit · Zara Leo Shoes

Burgundy Jumpsuit

 photo c13b6e24-369f-4adf-a569-0041d1f52367.jpg

Este jumpsuit é a prova que comprar H&M Trend é um óptimo investimento. Já não sei há quantos anos nem onde o comprei, mas está sempre ali, na secção dos favoritos do meu closet, sempre actual.

Buying H&M Trend is always a good choice. This jumpsuit has several years, but I still love it. Perfect fit and beautiful color combination!

 photo 48de35a2-d0ec-48eb-a282-0ba7f155f49c.jpg
 photo d81d6f57-275d-4875-802a-872e1c0e9e71.jpg
 photo cb45aafb-b418-43e3-8913-140e20c6a6a7.jpg
 photo 569c10b7-f62e-4251-9b11-ddba21a42452.jpg
 photo 04718bf4-cbee-4d06-acf4-9fd533deb33c.jpg
 photo 42c8a3a5-cb58-4309-96d4-ebf3bb74d1d7.jpg
 photo 389e852a-c4a5-4517-adfd-0e27dfd5f547.jpg
 photo b43f0a90-fab5-4937-ae3f-bce42a386787.jpg
 photo 9d184eb9-ec1e-437c-81d7-8dd8182bf5ce.jpg
 photo 241e7ad4-1d2e-48e2-824f-8376c9a9e20e.jpg

Jumpsuit – H&M Trend (old)
Shoes and Vest – Zara
Earrings – Parfois
Blue Ring – Asos

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